Soundim Ltd

The year 2009 marks the birth of our innovation. Initially Finnish Rail Administration published a report on the use of low-level noise barriers in combating rail noise. After the release of the report the original innovators started to develop idea how to fulfill the presented requirement for low height noise barrier.

The key features of the product, such as track bed installation, ability to lower the barrier when needed, integrated cable channel, vandalism protection and excellent noise reduction properties root back to the report. Today, these clever details are the ones that make us special in a very demanding market place.

Soundim Ltd was founded 2012, the same year as the first test installation near Helsinki was installed. Due to positive feedback. First landmark project 2,2 km at Helsinki Circle Line was installed in 2014. Soon after that Soundim received to first export order to Russia.

The company has steadily grown from the original innovation to a venture capital funded company. The future focus is not just to become the market leader in low height noise barriers, but to establish a standard railroad noise reduction in surrounding environment without blocking the view.